Profitable Crypto Trading Made Very Nearly Idiot-Proof 😉

What's the Cost of Inaction?

"I had all kinds of reasons to ignore and avoid crypto, yet it concerned me that my ignorance meant I would very likely miss out on the massive opportunity crypto trading presents." RD

I didn’t understand it. It was for millennials. It was a flash in the pan. It lacked legitimacy and credibility. I didn’t want my very high-end business and political clients to think I was a cavalier and less than calculating risk taker.  

Oh, and did I mention I didn’t understand it? It really just seemed far too foreign and far too overwhelming, It wasn’t that it was overly sophisticated, I deal with the very highest level of business and financial model sophistication for a living on a daily basis.

Like you, I was all too aware that there was opportunity in crypto – massive opportunity, and my financial background told me the opportunity was there in weak or strong crypto markets.

So, when the bottom fell out of the crypto markets in 2018, and the banks shelved pretty much all of their crypto plans, and governments everywhere were cracking down on it, even as Facebook, Google and the entire media world banned cryto ads altogether..


This site shares my experiences as they really happened, and shows how anyone and I do mean ANYONE can easily learn and master crypto trading, with nearly no knowledge, incredibly little time, and only pennies on the dollar to start and test the system I hav assembled and use successfully every day, in up or down markets.

Join me. You are going to love this1

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How to Get Started:

Hit my blog...

Getting familiar and informed is the best place to start. Understand that there is very little "tech", and the steps to take are simple. I will provide you with everything you need to know for free. There is no charge. Nadda. Nuthin.
That said, even the services I use and recommend provide choices between free and paid levels, as well as the ability to run 100% fully automated idiot-proof trading for real $, or "paper trading" , which really just means you trade imaginary money, and risk nothing. Personally, I recommend putting a little "skin" in the game just to make you think like you have skin in the game, and it is much, much more fun to see it actually making bank 😉

How deep do you want to go down the rabbit hole?

I started this site because I know there are people just like me out there - millions of 'em. People that see in the news that there is opportunity in the crypto space, but know all too well that like other trading, there are risks, and as a result they stay away completely (I did too). That said, the fact is, there are extremely well-developed technologies that have been constructed, and when they are combined the way I use them, the downside is nearly non-existent, certainly manageable, but the upside is astronomical.

It is entirely up to you just how much you choose to immerse yourself into this space, though I tend to be a generalist, some people I have helped have really dug into the space, surpassing even my own results in a huge way.

That said, understand that it is completely unnecessary to dive so deep. I stay at the level that produces systematic results, at about 99% automation, with the least possible risk. Risk management is handled by the way I set up the systems.

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